If you are a hunter, then you know that being able to use a trail camera for hunts and choosing ambush areas are the best ways to increase your chances of seeing huge bucks. The hints as discussed below will give you the assistance that you need to get lucky this season and carry amazing home images.


Set your camera well

You are making a significant mistake if you don’t set up your trace camera close enough to your subject because the chances are that you won’t capture great photographs. It’s true that many models and makes of game cameras are available and they have their suggested distance as well as the width of their lense angle. Review your game camera manual thoroughly to find out more about the recommended distance by the manufacturer.


Choose infrared

If you wish to take pictures at night minus a flash then consider an infrared camera. Its worth noting that the flash in some cameras scare deer. For this reason, many hunters that have cameras without infrared switch off the flash or take advantage of a set timer to sidestep after dark photos. It’s a no-brainer that your chances of seeing deer at night will be low, but you won’t scare them off your property.


Secure your camera

Let’s face it. If you leave your trail camera dangling in the woods without camouflage, then the odds are that it will be missing when you return. However, you can protect it using a heavy duty camera box. Apart from securing your game camera, a high-end camera box will also keep bears that can damage it at bay. If you don’t like the idea of using lock boxes, then place your trail camera outside the normal line of sight.


Leave your camera alone

If you wish to come across mature bucks, you need to leave your camera for a week or more. The primary reason is to get rid of the man-made scent in your chosen location. Without the human scent, mature animals will feel secure to start using such spots again. Don’t be tempted to check your camera too often because you will end up littering the entire area with human odor.


Go for long-lasting batteries

Don’t overlook your trace cameras batteries. While cameras with cheap batteries might help you save lots of notes, those with expensive lithium batteries will last longer than them. Furthermore, they perform better after dark because you will get an extended range from your flash. Go for a camera with a longer battery life to minimize your visits.


Run your photo journal

Nearly all game cameras come with a date and steam feature to inform you about when the picture was captured. Such information is very valuable and will help you to keep reliable records. Running an image journal is the easiest and most convenient method for organizing all the images you have gathered.

Keep the tips as discussed above in mind if you wish to get the most out of your game camera. Hopefully, the will help you get fascinating images.